The power of full-stack monitoring

There is this magic sense of confidence you get when a status dashboard is all green. Suddenly, a highly complex system with dozens or hundred of modules, is saying ‘well, so far so good’. Visually alive in front of you, showing how many users are connected, how many transactions are being generated and how many resources are used to serve all that.


Otherwise, the only way you’ll find out when something is wrong, is that angry customer’s call notifying that your system is down, and you didn’t know. Not anyone’s idea of a happy day.

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Custom Postgres metrics in Datadog

Instrumenting applications is something we are used to at Bithaus. Having the code reporting itself delivers great information, and every person involved in the system from developers, operations and managers appreciate it.

But you cannot always change the code to get metrics, or not as fast as you would like to.

An excellent way to gather business metric of your application, is to look in your tables in the database. Continue on reading for step-by-step on how to create a custom metric based on a SQL query, so we can display it on a dashboard and create monitors to check it’s value.

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